Catalytic Drying Technologies


Catalytic Infrared Processing System

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CDT has proven solutions to improve the productivity and competitiveness of facilities that process grains, produce, and botanicals.

Our catalytic infrared technology has proven to be highly effective for mitigating some of the most vexing problems in agribusiness, while maximizing yields, throughput and end product quality.

The environmentals of CDT technology are highly favorable, systems emit virtually no NOx or VOCs, and energy use is low. Contact us for information regarding testing on your product.

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Dr. Zhongli Pan

Dr. Zhongli Pan is a Research Engineer in the Processed Foods Research Unit at USDA and Associate Adjunct Professor at UC Davis. Dr. Pan's research focuses on improving the values of agricultural products and their components through improved postharvest and processing technologies. Two current focus areas are the application of infrared heating technology for the drying, blanching and disinfestation of agricultural products, and the use of infrared technology as a dry peeling method to improve product quality and eliminate the use of water and chemicals.