Catalytic Drying Technologies


Catalytic Infrared Processing System

Catalytic Drying Technologies

Infrared dry peeling technology is a sustainable alternative to hot lye and steam peeling, uses a fraction of the energy, and does not generate wastewater.

Infrared processing is a precise, predictable, and economical alternative to wet-lye methods of peeling tomatoes, peaches, and other produce for canning or further processing. For tomato producers, infrared technology can also relieve the twin burdens of high salinity wastewater and high organic loads, while reducing peeling operation time by 25%.

Catalytic IR heats surfaces quickly, uniformly, and superficially: only a shallow layer of the vegetable or fruit is affected. As a result, peel separation is accomplished while preserving nutritional value and quality.

CDT will work with you to determine the optimum heating condition and process cycle for your cultivar. Our technical team can develop a process protocol that delivers high yields with lower peeling loss and firmer peeled product.

CDT systems are engineered for optimum sanitation, and have a small footprint. They emit virtually no NOx or VOCs, and use very little energy.

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