Catalytic Drying Technologies


Catalytic Infrared Processing System

Catalytic Drying Technologies

CDT infrared processing dries rough rice quickly and efficiently, produces high quality yields.

CDT has invested nearly two decades in the development of equipment and process protocols that dry rice uniformly, preventing kernel stresses and fissures while achieving the target moisture removal.

CDT infrared processing is profoundly different from air drying, because the rice is dried directly through infrared absorption: infrared energy is transferred from the heating element to the rice without heating the surrounding air. Since infrared does not heat the medium, kernel temperature is not limited by the wet bulb temperature of the air, and can rise quickly. During cooling, the heat from the rice then removes additional moisture, making the infrared process extremely energy-efficient.

The CDT team is expert in the application of infrared energy to high-volume rice production. Processes are designed with radiation intensities and other parameters to suit the individual grain variety.

CDT infrared systems are simple to maintain, and have a small footprint. They also have highly favorable environmentals: systems emit virtually no NOx or VOCs, and energy use is low.

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