Catalytic Drying Technologies


Catalytic Infrared Processing System

Catalytic Drying Technologies

CDT infrared processing quickly kills common grain insects, without pesticides, while preserving grain quality.

The characteristic of water to absorb infrared energy has been widely applied to the rapid drying of wheat, rice and other cereal grains. Since insects have a higher moisture content than stored grain, they absorb higher infrared dosing and heat up more quickly. This differential makes infrared treatment a practical technique for pest management.

In published studies, more than 99% of rice weevils, and more than 99% of lesser grain borers were killed by exposing soft red winter wheat to catalytic infrared processing. Grain beetles, red flour beetles and 8 other species also experienced mortality rates greater than 99%. (Test details available from CDT.)

The CDT team is expert in the application of infrared energy for disinfesting grain, and will work with you to develop the process best suited to your requirements.

CDT systems are engineered for optimum sanitation, and have a small footprint. They are easy to maintain, and have favorable environmentals: in addition to operating without hazardous chemicals, systems emit virtually no NOx or VOCs, and energy use is low.

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