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Catalytic Infrared Processing System

Catalytic Drying Technologies

Infrared dry blanching can significantly reduce oil uptake while optimizing taste, texture, and appearance.

Infrared processing is precise, predictable, and an economical alternative to water blanching. It is applicable to both fresh-finish fried French fries and par-finish fried French fries. It can reduce oil absorption, and reduce the cost of blanching by eliminating air drying, which is required for water blanched produce to eliminate surface moisture.

Notably, potato strips processed using infrared technology acquire the characteristic golden brown color faster than potatoes blanched in water, primarily because reducing sugars leach into the water and slow the Maillard reaction.

The CDT team is expert in the application of infrared energy to high-volume processing requirements. We can also customize a process that simultaneously dry blanches and dehydrates carrots, apples, bananas, and other high sugar cultivars without adversely affecting flavor, color or nutrients. This one-step process* offers exceptionally high energy and process efficiency.

*SIRDBD, Simultaneous Infrared Dry Blanching and Dehydration

CDT systems are engineered for optimum sanitation, and have a small footprint. They also have favorable environmentals: systems emit virtually no NOx or VOCs.

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