CDT has patented solutions to improve the productivity and competitiveness of facilities that process grains, produce, and botanicals.

New Drying Technology

Our catalytic infrared technology has proven to be highly effective for mitigating some of the most vexing problems in agribusiness, while maximizing yields, throughput and end product quality.

Environmentally Friendly

The environmentals of CDT technology are highly favorable, systems emit virtually no NOx or VOCs, and energy use is low. Contact us for information regarding testing on your product.

PRoven Solutions

CDT is committed to improving the productivity and competitiveness of agribusiness through the application of catalytic infrared technology. Catalytic Drying Technologies is a Division of Catalytic Industrial Group, a diversified family of companies specializing in the adaptation of infrared drying technologies to serve agribusiness and the food and grain processing industries.

Our Technology

Flameless Catalytic Infrared Systems eliminates pathogens on almonds, peanuts and other food products, killing insects and larva in grains and other agricultural products.

High process efficiency

Catalytic infrared dryer is exceptionally uniform.

Low capital and operating costs

Higher drying efficiency and disinfecting ability reduces energy and floor space usage.

Wide range of uses

Including peanuts, almonds, rice, corn, and other grains, vegetables, fruits, botanicals.


CDT’s infrared drying systems not only reduces the process time but also removes the need for water in the process. Our technology is proven to be more effective in blanching, peeling and drying.