Saving Time & Money

Flameless Catalytic Infrared Energy (FCIR) is generated by catalyzing natural gas or propane with a proprietary enhanced platinum catalyst.

energy efficient

Highly efficient and tightly-controlled infrared radiant energy is delivered to the product as it travels along a purpose-built conveyor engineered to uniformly expose the product to the radiant energy.

Equipment costs are on a par with conventional heating systems. However, since drying / heating times can be greatly reduced using flameless catalytic infrared energy, smaller equipment or more throughput (or both) often result from using a CDT catalytic infrared system. Saving business-small and large-production time, space and operation costs. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Environmentally Friendly

Catalytic IR technology can reduce moisture content from as high as 90%, to levels as low as 3%. It is considered a clean, effective, and environmentally-favored alternative to methyl bromide and other pesticides for the elimination of grain insects. Use at the appropriate stage assures a pest-free and pesticide-free product, at a very reasonable cost.

Catalytic’s IR technology generates virtually no volatile organics or NOx. Its use allows air emissions devices such as particulate removal equipment, WESPs (wet electrostatic precipitators) and RTOs (regenerative thermal oxidizers), as well as fuel preparation equipment, to be eliminated in most facilities.